Looking for an alternative to the Zeplin app?

Here’s one that actually automates design hand-off. It’s like switching from Notepad to Visual Studio Code.*

See why

* A real quote from our user who recently switched to Avocode.

Designers don’t have to prepare anything.

Developers can export everything.

Automatically prepared export assets.

Unlike Zeplin, any layer is automatically exportable. This way designers don’t need to prepare assets in the design tool and can focus on creating something new instead.

Fully featured Layer panel.

With Avocode you can access layers, layer groups, and even toggle layer visibility. This way you can always inspect and export objects that are partially hidden.

Batch-export, multiple sizes in any format.

You can select multiple layers or layer groups and batch-export them merged or separately as PNG, SVG, JPEG, or WebP. (PDF export is coming soon)

All platforms with flexible settings.

You can always adjust Avocode project settings for your needs, or change code language, design density, units, and color format for any artboard.

Advanced bitmap image optimization.

In Avocode, you can turn on auto-optimization for PNG and JPEG image assets so they would load fast on the web.

1.6×More efficient image optimization than others


Other image compression services

Most advanced code customization.

Import and define variables, switch between 10 code languages, choose the font-size units, show/hide comments in code, and more.

I really like the possibility of export elements even if they were not "sliced" in Sketch, you seem to be the only tool that can do it.

I really like that you show layers as I created as a designer.

Erik Cannizzo

Front-end Developer

Planning to download Zeplin?

Avocode doesn’t need plugins or design tools to handle raw files.

We’ve totally migrated all our projects from Zeplin and working with Avocode only. The main reason is that our developers are able to upload files, not only designers as it was with Zeplin. And Avocode is faster!

George P.

Project manager at UPQODE

If you don’t have Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Figma installed on your computer, you can still import and open these design files in Avocode.

If you prefer syncing with a design tool, just use a plugin with our desktop app.

How do I sync my designs to Avocode?

You can simply open any project in Avocode, take a Sketch, XD, AI, or a PSD file and drag & drop it to Avocode. Once the design upload is complete you can share a link to this design.

Can I use a plugin to sync designs?

How can I let my developer know that I added a new version?

Do I need to mark layers for export before sync?

Do I need to keep some naming conventions of my layers?

Do I need to prepare Symbols somehow?

Can I exclude artboards when I’m syncing a whole design file to Avocode?

How can I explain things about the design to my developer?

Automate most of your design hand-off workflow with Avocode.

Cross-platform desktop app. 7-day free trial. What are you waiting for?


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