Design hand‑off. Solved.

Meet Avocode 3.0 — The world’s most powerful inspect tool that can open any design format on any OS.

Compatible with:

* Web supports Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Inspect Adobe XD, PSD, & Sketch on any OS.

Got a design but no way to open it? Just drag & drop the file to Avocode and open it with all layers and assets on macOS, Windows, or Linux. No design tools or plugins needed.

World’s most powerful inspecting tool

Meet the fully-featured layer panel, minified image export for SVG, PNG or JPEG, layer styles in CSS, Swift, Android, React Native & 6 other languages, precise measurements, and more. Plus the all new White theme.

Try our integration with Atom & Visual Studio Code.

Integrate to your favorite dev tools and inspect designs in the same window and save a lot of time with code auto-suggestions.

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Don’t bother with preparing assets.

Keep your focus on coding and never bug a designer to prepare assets again. All the assets and specs you need are just a click away.

Styles in 10 languages

Turn styles into CSS, iOS, Android or React Native.

Measures in px, pt, & dp

Get precise layer sizes & distances between them.

Advanced image export

Export any layer as a PNG, SVG, JPG & WebP image.

Custom code export

Adjust properties and make project-wide code variables.

Full control over layers

Hide, show, select any layer or multiple layers at once.

Inspectable SymbolsNew

Unrivalled access to Sketch Symbols’ master or override.

You know best how to organize your designs.

We’ve redesigned the Project manager to help you upload, find, rename, and move files faster. Plus you can connect each project’s notifications to a Slack channel.

Organize projects with FoldersNew

Structure your projects and organize your files better.

See all activities in one placeNew

Know when others added new designs, versions or comments.

Move designs between projectsNew

Drag to select more files and drop them elsewhere.

Browse design version history

See and manage all design iterations throughout your process.

Comment, redline & discuss changes.

Invite colleagues, clients, and others to your projects. Give feedback, reply, upload new versions, and solve the problem. Repeat.

Guest UsersNew

Free slots for clients and contractors who only need to comment.

Design PreviewNew

Show your design to others without any distractions.

Share PermissionsNew

Set if the design will be public or private.


Use @ to mention and notify people in comments.

Project Permissions

Control what projects will be accessible to which person.

Access layers thanks to Monroe Engine.

Our new Monroe rendering makes Avocode the only inspecting tool with fully accessible layers. It renders Sketch, Adobe XD and PSD designs including layout, layers, bitmaps, texts, vector shapes and more.

Save more time with faster performance.

We know your time is precious, so we made the design upload 2.2x faster and the API for loading designs 3.2x faster.

Scale & export any layer

Export layers in any format or resolution, merged or separately.

Toggle layer visibility

Select as many layer intersections and layer groups as you want.

Select multiple layers

Toggle layers or layer groups to see what’s below them.

Get early access to Avocode 3.0

Some of the upcoming features are already avaliable for testing. Get them today and solve your design hand-off.

These companies have already solved their design hand-off with Avocode.