How can I measure PSD layer sizes and distances in pixels (px)?

Go to Preferences > Units & rules > Units > Rulers: [dropdown-list] to make sure you have Units set as pixels (px).

In Photoshop CC 2014 you can use smart guides to measure distances. Take the Move tool, select your layer and press CMD (macOSOS) or CTRL (Windows). Then you can just point at things and see the distance. The same thing is also shown if you move objects while pressing CMD (macOSOS) or CTRL (Windows) or if you duplicate by dragging and pressing CMD + Alt + SHIFT (macOSOS) or CTRL + ALT + SHIFT (Windows).

In photoshop CC and newer there is the Transformation values infobox. For example, you can use the Rectangular Marguee tool to draw and area to quickly get a distance. Use this sometimes to get distances/dimensions if you don't need exact dimensions. It should be activated on default. If not, go to Preferences > Interface > Show transformation values: [dropdown-list].

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Need to measure sizes and distances without Photoshop? Try Avocode

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Open your design and make sure that you have px set as Measure tool units (default for Web projects). You can change the units in Design settings/Interface.

Choose the Measure tool (press R key) and click on layers to find out their precise size. If you hover your mouse to other layers, you'll get lines telling you precise distances.

You can also select multiple layers by dragging your mouse over them and then again find the size and distances to other layers. All measurements will show up on the design canvas as weel as in the Styles and Code panel in the sidebar.

Measure PSD layers in px without Photoshop

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