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How can I export PSD layers, layer groups or artboards as JPEG?

Export pictures from Photoshop and save individual PSD layers, layer groups and artboards as JPEG.

  1. Select a layer or a layer group
  2. Either go to menu and click File > Save As or press Ctrl+Shift+S (Windows) or ⌘ CMD+Shift+S (macOS OS).
  3. Choose JPEG from the format list.
  4. Name your file, set export path (destination folder) and click Save
  5. JPEG options window will show up Drag the Quality slider to adjust image quality (on scale from 1 to 12)
  6. If you're exporting a JPEG image for the web and want to make sure it is displayed in most browsers, choose Baseline (“Standard”) in the Format options section.
  7. Click OK to save the image.

NOTE: The JPEG image format doesn't support transparency (alpha channel).

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Export JPEG from a PSD without Photoshop

And what else is Avocode good for?

  • Export layers as a JPEG, PNG, WebP, SVG.
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