How can I export PSD layer styles as React Native code?

Photoshop currently doesn't offer an option to generate React Native code. But there is a way how to do it with Avocode - see below.

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Need to extract React Native code without Photoshop? Try Avocode

No need to buy or install Photoshop. Open and export assets from layered Photoshop designs on Mac, Windows, Linux or in the browser with Avocode.

Open your design and go to the Select Tool or hold V key. Then switch to the Code panel and make sure your code language is set to React Native.

When you click on any design layer, its styles will appear as React Native in the Code panel. Either click COPY ALL to export the whole code snippet or select particular lines or values and they will be copied to your clipboard.

To customize the code output, feel free define any value as a Variable, use Replacement rules to replace any part of the generated code. You can even reorder or hide specific code properties, change quote type and much more in Code settings.

Export React Native code from a PSD without Photoshop

And what else is Avocode good for?

  • Turn layer styles into various web or mobile code languages and invite others to collaborate on your design and development projects.
  • Create variables and replacement rules for any code output and sync it accross your designs within one project.
  • Export layers as a JPEG, PNG, WebP, SVG.
  • Measure sizes and distances in px, pt, dp, and rem.
  • Handpick colors in HEX, HEX8, RGBa, HSLa, and UIColor code formats.
  • 14 days free trial, no credit card required, cancel anytime.

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