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Making design files accessible to everyone. In any product.

Become an Avocode partner and use our SDK to import and display layered design files in your product. Our SDK is platform agnostic, therefore it works on macOS, Windows, Linux, and web.

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Avocode SDK is a set of three applications that serve as the backbone for tools that need to import, display, and work with layered design files.

After having built this technology for our flagship product - Avocode, we have realized its real potential lies in powering 3rd party products. With our infrastructure developers can innovate faster and at a lower cost.Read Our Vision of the Design Industry on Medium


Read Sketch, Photoshop, AI, XD files.


The first universal design format.


Cross-platform graphics engine.


Use Parser to read mainstream design formats in your apps.

Our parser breaks down common design formats like Sketch, PSD, AI, or XD and translates them to a standardised format, called Octopus, that you can work with.

We use Parser for ourPSD to Sketch Converter

Universal design format. Works everywhere.

Forget proprietary formats, forget converting between designs all the time.

Octopus is an universal design format that carries all representations of layers, effects, text, and layout, regardless of the original design format.

It is a JSON object that is easily readable and accessible, therefore can become the first open standard - something like the PDF or the Open Office format for design files.


Lightning-fast 2D Rendering Engine.

Monroe will help you show design file previews in any product or even power a custom design tool.

Our graphics engine averages at 99.9% rendering precision.

Quite like the Unity engine, but for 2D design, it is a cross-platform rendering engine, written in C++ and OpenGL, compiled to run in JavaScript.

How can you use the Avocode SDK?

Hoping to solve design editing, versioning, or perhaps auto-generation of code components? With our parsing technology, open format and rendering engine there’s nothing stopping you. Here are some examples of what is possible with our SDK:


UI kit/Design System management tool

Systems of design components that are easily transferable to code are the thing of the future. Why not build one today? For example, you could translate your Sketch library to a app-independent design format.


Displaying various design files

Need to display non-standardised proprietary design formats (like Adobe Photoshop) in your product so users could look at them and comment?


Cross-format design file import

Does your product need to work with traditional design formats like Sketch, XD, or PSD? Import them on any operating system and make sense of their data structure by turning them to a standardised JSON.


Hackable graphic design tool

Build a fully customizable tool for design - just like you could build a customizable tool for code with Atom back in the day.


High-fidelity prototyping tool

Our SDK will help you import and display layered design files and you just have to connect the dots. Adding information about transitions to the Octopus format is just like editing a JSON file.


Custom design diffing application

What if users could not only see versions of artboards but would get highlighted differences on the level of layers, version by version, to automatically see what has changed?

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