Cover your workflow from prototype to code in Avocode.

Easily import all your design prototypes to Avocode and let the rest of the team see relationships between screens, comment, and inspect.

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Easily click between screens to understand the whole flow.

Avocode is compatible with all modern design tools for rapid prototyping. Simply drag & drop your design file to pull all connected screens, layers and hotspots into one unified UI with no additional set up.

  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD
  • Figma

Share and present your flow from any point.

Access a grid of all artboards to play flows from any screen. Create public or private links for any artboard and send others to any point of the user journey, while giving them and option to go through the rest of the flow.

Get specs and assets at every step of the flow.

As an end-to-end design hand-off solution, Avocode enables you to include developers early on at the prototyping stage. Jumping between screens feel familiar, plus you can quickly leave feedback and go straight to design specs from any artboard.

Keep versions in sync and go back in time at any time.

  • When you add new artboards or make a change connections in the flow, just sync it to Avocode.
  • Avocode auto-recognizes changes as new versions and auto-updates all sharing links to avoid conflicts.
  • You can easily switch between versions back in time and download individual states of the file.
Hand-off & Inspect

Struggles with opening design files?

Hand-off and inspect any design.

Team collaboration

Something isn’t clear in the design?

Discuss changes and get feedback instantly.

Get the all new Avocode today.

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