Prototype screen flows faster
in your browser

Create, edit, and present user flows,
diagrams, & interactive prototypes from
Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma designs.

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Collaborate on all design
prototypes in one place

Thanks to our rendering engine, you can upload any design file
and drag connections from any screen, layer, or layer group inside
of Avocode without the need of using other design tools.
Works everywhere:

Fully integrated with Adobe XD, Figma & Sketch

Finally, you can make prototypes from any design file on Windows, Linux, & macOS.

Simply sync your design, edit screen connections, create new ones, and click through the flow.

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Now everyone in your team can prototype

Faster and more frequent prototyping leads to faster innovation. With Avocode it is super easy.

Start by sharing your design project to let others upload new design files and edit prototypes.

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Ready for testing? Share interactive prototypes.

Let stakeholders and user discover UX fails early so you can fix them already in the design phase.

Play prototypes on both a desktop or mobile device. To provide feedback, just switch to comment mode.

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Include everyone in design feedback conversations

Something isn’t clear or needs changing? Speak up and comment anywhere on top of designs.

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Start coding 2x faster with automated design hand-off

Need specs, aseets and layer styles without bothering your designer? Just click on layers.

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Start with a prototype,
finish with design hand-off.

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