What’s coming soon to Avocode?

We’re building new features based on our user requests, market movements and our current team abilities.

Rolling out


Manual sorting of design files

We’re working on UX improvements in the Avocode file system. You’ll be able to custom-sort design files and design artboards.

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new feature

Version control for designers

After you save a Sketch design file on your desktop, Avocode app will enable you to import the changes. When adding a new version, Avocode will detect if there are any conflicts and offer you to resolve them.

new feature

Design preview embed

You’ll be able to copy special design links to embed design previews to your code base, design system or documenting tools like Notion.

In development

new feature

Single sign-on

We’re working on a new login experience to enable you to securely authenticate with Google SSO and SAML SSO set up with Okta.

new feature

Design tags

You will be able to mark design artboards that are in-progress, need review, or are ready-to-code.


Displaying artboards together

You’ll be able to inspect or comment on all design artboards that are included in a Sketch, XD, Figma, or an AI design file together.

new feature

Turn on/off layer effects

You’ll be able to switch on/off all layer styles such as strokes, shadows, gradients or blending modes.

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new feature

Prototyping tool

You’ll be able view of all artboards on one canvas and connect screens into flows.

Long term

new feature

Avocode SDK - Cloud API

We have plans to offer the Avocode SDK (design parsing, converting and rendering) as an API so other design related products could easily display and work with design files.

new feature

New annotation tool

We’re planning further UX improvements of how commenting works in Avocode. We might be adding also simple drawing tools to enable you to visually propose changes.

new feature

Copy editing tool

We’re considering building a tool to improve the workflow between copywriters and designers. We have the technology to edit text layers within any design file format which could be especially helpful for design localisation.

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