Open, inspect, & code
Sketch designs on Linux

Everyone told us it can’t be done. We did it anyway. From now
on, you don’t need a Sketch app to open Sketch files on Linux.

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Do you have a Sketch file? See how easy it is to
open it on Linux with Avocode.

How to open
a Sketch file
on Linux?

Just drag & drop your design to Avocode and inspect and export all of its layers.

You can also access & inspect all Symbols with overrides or the Symbol’s master.

Why is Avocode worth a try?

Save money on software

With Avocode you can access layers of Sketch, XD, PSD, AI, & Figma files.

Know what to code

All design versions are backed up & tracked so you always recognize the final.

Export images and code

Export any layer as image or styles in code - without any preparations.

Got a question?

Are there any other tools that can open Sketch designs on Linux?

Not that we are aware of.

What Linux distribution does Avocode support?

Avocode is compatible with most popular distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Fedora, and Arch.

Start with a design
finish with code.