Open, inspect, & code
Sketch designs on Linux

Everyone told us it can’t be done. We did it anyway. From now
on, you don’t need a Sketch app to open Sketch files on Linux.

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Do you have a Sketch file? See how easy it is to
open it on Linux with Avocode.

How to open
a Sketch file
on Linux?

Just drag & drop your design to Avocode and inspect and export all of its layers.

You can also access & inspect all Symbols with overrides or the Symbol’s master.

Why is Avocode worth a try?

Save money on software

With Avocode you can access layers of Sketch, XD, PSD, AI, & Figma files.

Know what to code

All design versions are backed up & tracked so you always recognize the final.

Export images and code

Export any layer as image or styles in code - without any preparations.

Got a question?

Are there any other tools that can open Sketch designs on Linux?

What Linux distribution does Avocode support?

Start with a design
finish with code.