Senior Full Stack Developer

Prague, Czech Republic

Avocode Product Team needs you

We are building a design-to-code cross-platform tool based on Electron by Github and written in React.js and Node.js. We can parse Photoshop and Sketch files and render them again pixel perfect. Our app has a lot of additional functionality for inspecting and commenting on designs such as image or code export.

We are looking for a full-stack developer to perfect our codebase and help us bring new features faster to our customers. We are currently working on a completely new web experience of Avocode. The functionality of our app keeps us busy, and we need help with:

  • building new features such as: better organization in the Avocode Project Manager, new tools and functionality in the Design View
  • improving the internal app architecture (written in React.js)
  • improving web performance by optimizing build sizes
  • improving performance
  • reworking our Photoshop rendering

What skills do we expect from you?

Naturally, it would be great if you knew JavaScript. However, it's not a must.

We're looking only for exceptionally talented programmers and software developers. It doesn't matter if you kick ass in C++, Python, Go, C# or Java. We know that a skilled programmer like you can easily get a firm grasp of JavaScript in less than a month under our guidance.

We'll be happy to extend your knowledge in the latest JavaScript frameworks such as React.js, Next.js or Node.js.

Among other requirements we need you to have experience with a commercial product development. You should be confident in both written and spoken English.

What's in it for you?

This goes without saying:

  • your own table in our office at Kovařovicova vila, Libušina 49/3 in Prague
  • a reasonable amount of money (We know people like you are super rare and we are willing to “appreciate” that. We don't belive in flat rate salaries, so each team member has a salary based on his skills and his value to our company.)
  • flexible hours and home office whenever you need it

Avocode perks and benefits:

  • free cab rides
  • funded Multisport card for working out
  • pre-paid phone plan for unlimited calls and 3GB of mobile data every month
  • paid entrance to conferences, lectures and trainings
  • free snacks and drinks in the office
  • 2 company paid trips abroad per year (Usually we go skiing in the winter and surfing in the summer. For example in 2016 we've been to Austria and Portugal.)
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Petr Brzek

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Vojtech Tranta

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Honza Kuca

Full-stack developer

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Jakub Zitny

Full-stack developer

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We work in a 100 y.o. cubist villa in Prague, Czech Republic.

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We organize cool events like Code in the Dark for the local community.

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In the winter, we usually go skiing together.

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In the summer we usually go surfing together.

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