Sync designs and new versions from Dropbox

While Dropbox has great sharing options, it can only show a preview of the file and cannot make your design file developer-ready. Avocode gives front-end developers access to layers, assets, code, and specs right in the browser.

How does it work?

Import files in any format

You can directly import Sketch, XD, AI, PSD, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP or TIFF design files.

Sync new versions

Are you backing-up your designs to a team Dropbox? Pull any new version to Avocode.

Batch-import from Dropbox

Multi-select files in any Dropbox folder and transfer the contents into an Avocode project.

How to import design files from Dropbox?

  1. Simply open any project in Avocode and click on ADD DESIGN and select DROPBOX.
  2. Make sure you’re logged in the correct Dropbox account to enable the integration.
  3. Select one or multiple design files and confirm by pressing Choose.
  4. Once the upload is finished, you can open the design files, inspect layers, click through connected screens and comment.

How to import new design versions?

  1. Go to any project in Avocode and select any design file (in the same format as the previous one in Avocode) that you wish to add as a new version. Click on the context menu and choose New version via Dropbox.
  2. When the new version is added, you can open it and switch back and forth between the version states of the file.

You can select any file from Dropbox to be added as a new version, as long as it is in the same file format as the previous version in Avocode.

If you want to import a new version of the same file, make sure that it is backed up in Dropbox. This way the file will be automatically updated and your Avocode team members will be able to sync it as a new version.

Share designs via Avocode to make them developer-ready

Import your Sketch, XD, PSD, and AI files to Avocode and share them with your colleagues so they can inspect or give feedback.

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