Get all design
specs, assets,
& code 2x faster

Ready to stop manually coding styles & asking
designers for assets? Open any design file in Avocode,
and let it generate all assets and code styles for you.

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Auto-generate specs from
Sketch, Figma, XD, PS, & AI
files in one dev-friendly tool

How can Avocode fit into your workflow & tool stack? It’s universal!
It opens Sketch, Adobe XD, PSD, AI, & Figma files, generates code
for Web, iOS, Android, works on macOS, Windows, & Linux.

Works everywhere

Need to open & inspect designs without design tools? Done.

Avocode is the only hand-off tool that doesn’t force developers to invest in design tools. To open any design file format in Avocode, simply drag & drop it in the browser and access all layers & specs.

styles & specs. Spend time on
real front-end.

Avocode automatically generates useful code so you don’t have to code stylesheets from scratch. Adjust the code output and speed things up with project-wide synced variables.

Save time on manual coding
& get code directly from layer styles




React Native

React Native











Styled Components

Styled Components



Need assets?
Just double-click to export layers.

  • Export PNG, JPEG, SVG, WebP, & Base64
  • Multiple resolution variants & batch-export
  • Auto-image optimization for the web

All design information is just a click away

Sizes & distances

Select multiple layers & measure everything in px, pct, pt (iOS) or dp (Android).

Custom code & variables

Create or import Variables to customize your code export.

Color picker

Export colors in Hex, Hex8, RGBa, HSL and UIColor.

Collaborate with
your UX design
and product teams

  • Discuss design changes via comments
  • Always know about latest versions
  • Understand screen flow logic

Work faster with our
desktop app on any OS.

It’s faster

Enjoy faster performance optimized for your desktop Mac or PC.

Works offline

Access designs even without internet connection.

Runs everywhere

Built and optimized for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Pixel checker for QA

Check design vs. coded result with our new Pixel Checker tool.

Better image export

Set the default export path when exporting assets for your projects.

In-app plugins

Import designs quickly via our Figma, Sketch, XD, PS, and AI plugins.

Got a question?

What makes Avocode different from tools like Zeplin or InVision Inspect?

Design format support

Avocode fully supports layered design files in the Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Figma format.

InVision supports only the import of Sketch & Photoshop artboards, not whole files.

Zeplin supports the import of Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Figma artboards, not whole files.

Marvel supports only the import of Sketch & Photoshop artboards, not whole files.

Abstract Inspect supports only import of Sketch files.

What makes Avocode Inspect more useful than Figma, Sketch Cloud, or Adobe XD hand-off features?

Image export

Avocode renders all layers in your files, and all layers are auto-exportable.

With proprietary design tools like Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD, designers have to prepare (mark) all layers and layer groups for export, before developers can export them from the inspect link. In other words, the whole export is done twice: first by designers (pre-export) and then by developers. With Avocode, designers don’t have to prepare design layers at all.

Code export

Avocode generates code from layers not just in CSS (CSS 3), but also in CSS in JS, Less, Saas, SCSS, Stylus, Styled Components, Android, Swift, and React Native. You can import variables from your devstack and set replacement rules, and the code output is automatically changed. Also, Avocode has an Atom and VS code integration to inspect the design side by side with your code.

Most design tools offer only basic CSS code generation. In the case of Figma, Swift and Android code is also available.


Avocode is a universal tool. That means it works with all major design formats and works on all operating systems. With Avocode you can cover all workflows from file management, storage backup, Sketch version control, browser-based user flow prototyping (Sketch, XD, Figma), commenting, and hand-off.

Start saving time
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