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Have all design assets in one place and cooperate with anyone.

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Avocode literally saves work for everyone on your team

Export image assets easily. Get auto-generated code snippets, export colors, sizes, styles, fonts –you name it. Choose to scale up or scale down any vector shape, pick an image format and your retina graphics are ready. Suddenly, you'll have plenty of time left to spend on perfecting your code. Or just chilling.

Designer Avocode
Designed for developers

Don't waste money on design tools for developers

Since Avocode lets anyone open and slice up any design, you don't have to spend precious resources on purchasing  Photoshop & Sketch for your developers. Avocode gives them access to all the layers, shapes, colors and text they will ever need. Plus it provides them with nifty features for measuring distances and exporting straight to CSS or HTML.

Friendly with Mac, Windows, and Linux
Designed for Developers

The End to endless discussions

No need to learn new habits or bother with confusing e-mail chains. Highlight any area right in the design and leave your comment, so others can pick up where you left off. When others reply to it, Avocode will notify you via e-mail or Slack. Let the work flow!

Instantly get updated on Slack

All revisions in your vision

Whether it’s just a small update or an entire re-design, you’ll never miss it. Give specific feedback while visually comparing design versions. Then you can discuss all the changes in real time.

Version control

Manage who sees what with ease

Sync PSD and Sketch files to iterate faster. Invite all the necessary talent to help you make it the next big thing. Then permit access to appropriate team members freelancers, and outside workers.


Zero time for safe keeping yet so safe

Since Avocode runs in the cloud, the second you upload your design it becomes accessible to your team. Everything you upload in Avocode is encrypted with a 128-bit SSL certificate, so your design stays truly yours.


Any ideas what you'll do with all the extra time?

Well, that's up to you. Now enjoy the first 14 days with Avocode for FREE. No credit card required.

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