Why waste time on design hand-off?

Chill. Share your designs and export anything you want.

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Don't bother. Let developers pick what they need

Feel free to put 100% of your focus into the actual designing process. You don't have to create style-guides or update them. The developer can get all the specs straight from your design in Avocode. Now you don't have to spend time with describing and describing and describing.

Design Manager

Organize and keep your designs in order

Avocode lets you work on as many projects as you want. Once you upload any design, sort it accordingly. If you're looking for something just type in the search bar or hit SPACE to preview your design.

Design manager

Leave notes to the developer and discuss anything

Once the change is implemented you'll be notified about the design update via Slack or E-mail, just like you're used to. Then implement the change and replace the current version with your revision. Simply mark the comment as solved and the rest of your team will know about it. Smooth, right?

Get notified about new revisions on Slack

All revisions in your vision

Whether it’s just a small update or an entire re-design, you’ll never miss it. Give specific feedback while visually comparing design versions. Then you can discuss all the changes in real time.

Version Control

Share straight from Photoshop or Sketch.

To upload your design or to update one in Avocode, you don't have to go anywhere. In fact you can literally stay in Photoshop or Sketch. All you need is... our plugin. It creates a new sync button in your familiar environment. Click it and your design will suddenly appear in your team's Avocode.


Avocode keeps your designs
the way you created them

Your Photoshop & Sketch designs look exactly the same in Avocode. Are Photoshop Blending modes your guilty pleasure? We feel you. Avocode displays all of them without crumbling the design into pieces.


Zero time for safe keeping yet so safe

Since Avocode runs in the cloud, the second you upload your design it becomes accessible to your team. Everything you upload in Avocode is encrypted with a 128-bit SSL certificate, so your design stays truly yours.


Any ideas what you'll do with all the extra time?

Well, that's up to you. Now enjoy the first 14 days with Avocode for FREE. No credit card required.

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