Share designs, comment, collect feedback and work together

Share designs with clients and contractors and easily manage project permissions. Any number of people can inspect and comment on designs at once - in real time. When something changes, everyone gets notified.

Share designs and invite team members

Let your fellow developer extract all design specs on his own in Avocode. You can either invite team members who need to inspect, comment and upload new designs, or share a free public link with people who only need to comment.

Comment, annotate and discuss visual changes

Discuss everything, explain your thinking and leave feedback literally on top of the design to your colleagues. Highlight any area, add, reply, and solve comments from your teammates and clients in real time.

Get notified about changes via Slack or email

When someone uploads a design, new version or comments, you will be notified via email or on Slack. You can even connect individual projects to dedicated Slack #channels.

Manage project permissions

Invite team members, freelancers and contractors and manage their permissions for specific projects in your team. Share a preview of the design via a public link to third parties (like clients) and let them comment.

Keep all your designs organized in one place

Upload designs to the Avocode cloud, sync versions, and design settings (project platform, design scale, and units) with your team. Work on an unlimited number of projects. Give your team members access to inspect the newest version 24/7.

Sync all design versions to know which one is final

Avocode works as an up-to-date repository so you can always go back in time. Simply drag and drop Photoshop design versions on top of each other, or sync Sketch artboards with the same name and Avocode will recognize them as new version.

Access your designs offline on any OS

Opening Sketch on Windows, or PSD on Linux is just a beginning of what's possible with Avocode. Each design you open, will be rendered pixel perfect and downloaded so you can access it even when you lose Internet connection.


Do you want to save hours on your design projects?

Share design previews with clients and collect visual feedback. Keep your design versions in sync and accessible to your entire team and get notified when something changes.