Cloud-based version control

Keep design revisions together and organized into projects. Upload any Photoshop and Sketch source files to one safe place, where your entire team can access, open and download them 24/7.

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Storage & Sync

One place for all of your designs

Upload designs to the Avocode cloud, sync versions and design settings (scale, platform, units) with your team. Let your team members access, inspect and download the newest design revisions 24/7.

Version Control

All revisions in your vision

Re-design as much as you want. Avocode works as an up-to-date repository for all your design versions. You can simply stack revisions on top of each other and then compare them side by side visually.

SSL Encryption

Zero time for safe keeping yet so safe

The second you upload your design to the Avocode cloud, it becomes accessible to your team. Everything you upload in Avocode is encrypted with a SSL certificate, so your design stay truly yours.

Design organization

Sort designs and search in your projects

Avocode lets you work on as many projects as you want. Once you upload any design, sort it accordingly. If you're looking for something just type it in the search bar or hit SPACE to preview your design.

Offline access

Avocode app renders PSD/Sketch designs on any OS

Opening Sketch on Windows, or PSD on Linux is just a beginning of what's possible with Avocode. Each design you open, will be rendered pixel perfect and downloaded so you can access it even when you lose Internet connection.

Works on: MacWindowsLinux