Sad about The End of Adobe Extract?

Cheer up! Avocode is not only the right alternative. It’s a new beginning.

Now is the right time to switch to Avocode

You don't have to shut down your workflow just because Adobe Extract did. Today, we're giving you 14-day of Avocode for free, so you can keep working. On Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download Avocode for free

Transform your design to code in 5 steps

Drag'n drop

Drag'n drop your designs to Avocode.

Export assets

Slice any part of the design or layer and export it as PNG or JPG. You can also export vector shapes at multiple resolution – even 4x!.

Avocode supports:PNGJPGSVG


Translate layer, font and paragraph styles to CSS.

Get measurements

Define preprocessor variables and get measurements and distances between objects.

Get colors

Handpick colors straight to clipboard.

You're all set. And one more thing:

In Avocode you can do all of the above even with Sketch designs! Ready to try Avocode? Briliant! The first 14-day are on us.

Download Avocode for free