Keep track of all
design changes
with versioning

Don’t worry about commits, branches, or Git for designs.
Simply work on designs together and always monitor
what has changed.

Finally one place where each design file has a history

Upload & download Sketch, Adobe XD, PS, AI, and Figma design files directly in your browser.

If an older version of the same file already existed in Avocode, new newly synced files will be recorded as versions.

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“We needed an official repository for Sketch and Adobe XD master files. Then one day... I found Avocode!”

Andrea Mancini, Head of UX/UI Design at

Let others pick up where you left off

While you can sync both whole files or just individual artboards, Avocode bundles each sync into a file so anyone from your team could download it and start designing.

Sync only changed and new artboards

Done with the design update? Sync only newly edited artboards via a plugin back to Avocode and describe what’s new.

Clearly track added, removed, and changed Sketch & Figma artboards

With each newly synced design change, Avocode will notify everyone
and indicate all new, changed, or deleted screens. We also have plans
to highlight differences in the comparison view. Help us validate this idea.

Got a question?

How does Avocode prepare layers for design hand-off?

Avocode Inspect offers your dev team a unified way to access and inspect design layers of Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Illustrator, or Figma files - on any operating system. When you update the design in Avocode, your developers will be notified.

Designers don’t have to prepare any layers for export - all layers are automatically exportable as PNG, JPEG, SVG, or WebP in any resolution. Plus, developers can measure sizes and distances and export layer styles in CSS, Swift, Android, React Native, and six other code languages.

How many people can I collaborate with on a design file in Avocode?

You can collaborate with an unlimited number of people on the same design file with the Avocode Team plan.

When it comes to Sketch, make sure that before you start editing the Sketch design file, it’s already synced into Avocode. Then click on Edit in Sketch. When you’re done editing the file, sync the changes back to Avocode.

What if I want to sync/hand-off just a few screens and not the whole file?

It’s possible for Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma designs. Just select particular artboards while holding the SHIFT key, then go to:

• Sketch - Make sure you have our desktop app open. In Sketch, go to Plugins/Avocode/Hand-off/Sync Selected Artboards
• Adobe XD - Make sure you have our desktop app open. In Adobe XD, go to Plugins/Avocode and hit Sync to Avocode
• Figma - Make sure you’re logged into the correct Avocode team in your browser, and you have our Figma integration installed. In Figma, go to Menu/Plugins/Avocode/Avocode and hit Export.

If there is an existing file in Avocode with artboards A, B, C and you sync artboards D, E, F, from a new or the same file, Avocode will merge these files together and create a new file with artboards A, B, C, D, E, F.

If you want to sync changes to the existing artboards A,B, or C - make sure to include them in the selective sync.

What are the system requirements for design file import?

Avocode allows direct file (Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator) upload of whole files as new versions on macOS, Windows, Linux and even in the browser.

If you need to have control over particular artboard changes, you need to use our Sketch plugin (macOS only), Adobe XD plugin (macOS and Windows), or our Figma integration. Sketch & Adobe XD plugins are auto-installed with the Avocode desktop app.

How many design versions can I keep in Avocode?

Avocode keeps an unlimited version history of all your versions. Depending on your subscription, you can access a certain amount of the latest versions. The Team plan subscription plan enables you to access all versions in your history without limits. Learn more about our pricing.

How can Avocode help with designer onboarding?

Avocode works as cloud storage for all your files. Give newcomers access to specific projects to help them understand how your team iterates.

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