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Got a Photoshop or Sketch design?
Now turn it into a web or a mobile app.


Join 10 000+ teams who are turning their designs to code with Avocode


Get design specs and assets in 5 easy steps

Upload Photoshop & Sketch designs

Create a new project, select a platform and upload PSDs or Sketch designs via a plugin. When it comes to PSDs, you can also just drag & drop them.

Less dragging, more dropping
Get assets in the right resolution

Export images in the right resolution

Click on any layer or slice a piece of your design, scale it and export it as PNG or JPEG. You can even export vector shapes up to 4x or as an SVG.

Avocode supports: PNG JPG SVG

Get web, iOS & Android code

Switch between CSS (including Less, Sass, Stylus), Swift (for iOS), XML (for Android) or React Native code. You can even customize the code the output, hide and reorder its parts.

Translate layers to CSS
Pixel-perfect measurments

Pixel-perfect measurments

Get dimensions of any layer and its distances from other layers (or selections of more layers) - in px, pt, or dp.

Handpick color codes

The colorpicker tool zooms in on individual pixels so you can just click and get RGBA, HSLA, HEX, UI color & HEX8 color codes into your clipboard.

Handpic colors
Ready to turn your designs to code?

Ready to turn your designs to code?

In Avocode you can do all of the above with both Photoshop & Sketch designs!
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