PSD to Sketch Design Converter featuresPSD to Sketch

Supported features

  • Shape layers
    • Boolean operations
  • Combined shape layers
  • Group layers
  • Text layers
    • Text decorations
  • Bitmap layers
  • Smart objects
  • Linear gradients
  • Adjustment layers
    • Color fill
    • Color fill opacity
  • Additional features
    • Guides


  • Masks
    • Vector clipping masks
    • Bitmap clipping masks
    • Group layer bitmap masks
    • Layer masks
  • Layer styles
    • Stroke
    • Inner shadow, Drop shadow
    • Color overlay
    • Blend modes
    • Gradient overlay
    • Opacity

Features in development

  • Text layers
    • Line height
  • Circular gradient, Radial gradient
  • Layer styles
    • Inner glow, Outer glow

Features on our roadmap

  • Proper rounding
  • Convert adjustment layers to masks with effect

What’s PSD to Sketch design converter

All converted Sketch designs can be opened only in Sketch app Version 43 and later. In order to view the design correctly, make sure you have installed all of the fonts from the original PSD file.

The difference between Adobe Photoshop and Sketch

Please bare in mind, that Photoshop and Sketch are significantly different tools. One created for bitmap image editing, the other for vector based app design.

We can only convert design elements that can be created in both of these design tools. We cannot convert nor immitate Photoshop features that are not included in the Sketch app.

How are you satisfied with Sketch result?

If you your PSD design wasn’t converted to your expectation or not at all, please report a bug. If you have any features suggestions, we’d be happy to hear your feedback.