What's new in Avocode?

We're improving Avocode with every update. Here is the list of them.

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RELEASE 2.17.2 - JAN 9, 2018

    New features:

      Design Preview mode

    • There is now a new Design view mode called Preview. You can access it from the Comment mode (via a button in the right bottom corner) or via a sharing link.

      Sharing link privacy

    • We added privacy settings to sharing links. By default your sharing link is set as private, but you can always set if you want to generate a public link and where should it lead. A private link can lead to Inspect mode, Comment mode, and the new Preview mode. A public link can laed to Comment mode or the Preview mode.


  • We added a new switcher to the Member permission settings so you can easily choose between All projects and Selected projects.
  • When you toggle sidebars or panels in Inspect mode and relaunch the app they will remain hidden. In other words - the state in which you left the app will be there when you come back.
  • On Windows and Linux you can now hide/show the window panel which takes a lot of the screen view space. Just go to the App preferences.
  • We added a Color preview (swatch) to Variables panel and modal and also in the Styles panel for drop shadows and borders (stroke).
  • When you export a screenshot of the whole design (even when it has a transparent background) the background is set as white.

    Bug fixes:

  • We fixed the Version sidebar in the Inspect mode. Now when you want to upload a new version of a PSD file, everything should look and feel normal.
  • When switching to All projects in the Project Manager search query is applied correctly.
  • Expired users are now able to access public links.
  • We fixed the problem when latest design metadata were not downloaded for stored designs.

If something is still bugging you, please let us know at team@avocode.com or report the issue on Github.

RELEASE 2.17.1 - NOV 27, 2017

    New features:

      Immediate project sync

    • Deleting or adding new projects in the Avocode web app is now immediately reflected in the desktop app and vice versa.

      Excluding Pages and Artboards from Sketch plugin sync

    • You can exclude Pages or Artboards from syncing to Avocode by renaming them - just add _ at the beginning of the _Page or _Artboard name. This workflow should speed things up when you’re syncing bigger Sketch files.

      E-mail verification

    • From now on, we’ll kindly ask you to verify your e-mail address after sign up, to increase the safety of your account.


  • If you hide a layer and then export it, it will be visible in the Exported asset. But when you hide a layer in a group and then export the group or a selection of layers, the hidden layer will not be visible in the exported asset.
  • Version Slider in the Comment now works even on Public sharing links, i.e., when someone who is not from your team receives a public link, he can not only see the design and comment but also switch between versions.
  • Search View closes when you open a design in the Comment mode.

    Bug fixes:

  • We got rid of the loading state flicking when opening a design.

RELEASE 2.17 - NOV 21, 2017

    New features:

      Version Slider in the Comment mode

    • Do you have multiple design versions of a PS design file or a Sketch artboard? Now you can go back and forth between versions in the Comment mode by using a simple slider.

      Move design files between projects

    • Select a design file in the Project manager, click on the cogwheel, hit Move to … and select a different Project. Right now it’s only possible to move only one design file at a time.

    Bug fixes:

  • Rotated bounds are now clipped properly on layers with a clipping mask.

RELEASE 2.16.6 - NOV 15, 2017

    Bug fixes:

  • The selection of layers should work as expected and layer bounds should be displayed correctly.

RELEASE 2.16.5 - NOV 13, 2017


  • We have updated our internal app independent data format which includes multiple rendering fixes. This also improved our image export, so we're now able to export Sketch vector shape with a Motion blur effect to SVG.
  • We've improved the performance of loading projects and designs, therefore you can search and browse through them faster.
  • Improved Sketch app detection to correctly install the plugin. #1595

    Bug fixes:

  • When you're syncing Sketch artboards and your Avocode app is turned off, it will be launched once you hit sync or CMD+J shortcut.
  • Project and design tiles in the Project Manager should load and be displayed well. #1446

RELEASE 2.16.4 - NOV 7, 2017

    Bug fixes:

  • Some users have been experiencing problems with starting Avocode desktop app. We've fixed it and the app should launch seamlessly on all Operating Systems.

RELEASE 2.16.3 - NOV 3, 2017

    Bug fixes:

  • If you happen to upload a design with layers that are not located within artboards, we'll list them in the layer panel but also notify you that it cannot be displayed. In such case, please edit your design source file.
  • We've fixed UTF-8 character encoding. When you click on a text layer - no matter the character alphabet, its content should be displayed properly in the sidebar and copied to your clipboard.

RELEASE 2.16.2 - NOV 1, 2017

    New features:

      Completely reworked SVG export

    • We have built a whole new technology to export vector shapes as SVG.
    • You can export precisely export layer effects like: Shadow on a circular shape, Inside & Outside border on a circular shape, Shadow line on a path, Angular gradient, Gradient angle.
    • There is also an option to right-click on a vector shape and copy SVG code to clipboard.

      Added Rotation property

    • We also added a Rotation to the Styles panel, and transform property angle to the Code export to help you determine by how much is a layer rotated in Sketch designs.


      Faster project loading

    • Layer bounds are now more precisely calculated and displayed, including rotated layer bounds from Sketch.

    Bug fixes:

  • Recently opened designs are ordered properly and the latest opened is placed as first.
  • The pop-up Error saying: “Maximum call stack exceeded” on the web should be resolved. #1671
  • When you right-click on the design in the Inspect mode a layer should not be selected and therefore it's export is disabled. #1699 To export a layer, double left-click on it.
  • When you go to a Sketch design web URL, the correct project's team is activated.
  • The design canvas “squares” which help you recognize transparent layers are now always displayed.
  • Zooming in the Windows desktop app should work smoothly and as expected.

RELEASE 2.16.1 - OCT 19, 2017


      More stable design upload

    • The design upload is more stable and noticeably faster. You can now share designs instantly after upload. Just click on the upload success notification to copy a sharing link to your clipboard.

      Smarter Sketch design renaming

    • Renaming Artboards and Pages just got smarter. When you rename something in Sketch, it will be renamed automatically in Avocode.

RELEASE 2.16 - OCT 10, 2017

    New features:

      Synced Variables and Replacement rules

    • All Variables and Replacement rules are now synced across all designs within one project. The sync is team-wide which means that all team members on all devices will see your changes and also can change what you have set.

      Editing Comments

    • It is now possible to edit Annotations and General comments. Its creator can edit any comment down the thread.


      New Sketch plugin shortcut: CMD + J

    • With the introduction of Sketch 47, we had to change our shortcut for uploading selected artboards via Avocode Sketch plugin from CMD + E to CMD + J. Additionally the shortcut for uploading all artboards is also altered from CMD + ALT + E to CMD + ALT + J.

RELEASE 2.15.5 - SEP 26, 2017


      Faster project loading

    • We have improved the API pagination process — so it sends out smaller server request asynchronously instead of sending a big one at once. On average this change has sped up the process from 13s to 700ms for teams with hundreds of projects and thousands of designs.

      More precise SVG export

    • We have built a whole new technology to export design vector shapes as SVG images more accurately. We have built a whole new technology to export design vector shapes as SVG images more acurately, including SVG export from layer groups.

    Bug fixes:

  • We've fixed a few bugs in our internal app independent design format which should result in more precise design rendering.
  • We've changed the desktop app auto-update, so you can always use the newest and the best Avocode version.

RELEASE 2.15.4 - SEP 19, 2017

    Bug fixes:

  • You should be able to toggle tabs in the Inspect and Comment mode without any problem. To hide/show both sidebars hit TAB.
  • We've also fixed minor issues in the Billing section.

RELEASE 2.15.3 - SEP 14, 2017

    Bug fixes:

  • We've successfully fixed a bug on our servers which was causing syncing problems.

RELEASE 2.15.2 - SEP 13, 2017

    Bug fixes:

  • Your team's Contratrotrs should be able to open any design in the Inspect mode just fine.
  • We've also fixed the flicking loading view which sometimes appeared after clicking on an annotation thread in the Comment mode.

RELEASE 2.15.1 - SEP 12, 2017

    Bug fixes:

  • We've also fixed a few minor issues for redirecting and improved general flow in Billing.

RELEASE 2.15 - SEP 11, 2017


      Avocode web app

    • We've finally released Avocode web app out of Beta. It's just as powerful as Avocode desktop app, only more than 2x faster. It works in most modern browsers (best experience is assured in Chrome v 43. and higher). Read more about the differences between web and desktop app.

      Optimized PNG export assets

    • We have implemented a new PNG optimization method, which minifies images even slightly better than TinyPNG. You can disable it in the App preferences.

      New code export options

    • Code generated from Photoshop text layers now finally also contains letter-spacing. There is also a new code language in the code settings called Styled-components. It's a special CSS in JS component syntax to style React and React Native app.

      Better Sketch file organization

    • Each Sketch file now behaves like a folder within your project. When you open a Sketch file, you can either display all artboards or switch between Pages.

      Sharing links with design preview

    • When you share design previews with clients and colleagues, they should know what they're clicking on. Therefore public links now contain automatically generated design previews.

      New Team settings

    • There is a brand new UI of Team settings so you could easily manage billing, invite new team members, change roles and project permissions, change your account e-mail or set e-mail where you want us to send your invoices.

      Project manager UI adjustments

    • Along with the new Sketch file organization, there are a few subtle changes in the top bar of the Project manager. We have also redesigned empty state in new projects so that you could upload designs more easily.

RELEASE 2.14.8 - JUL 31, 2017


  • Faster Sketch plugin perfomance
  • Fixed Sketch plugin installation for older systems
  • Avocode app now always redirects you to a project, where you are uploading Sketch files. For example, if you have opened a project in the Project manager, then you start uploading a Sketch artboard and assign it to a different or a new project, you will be automatically redirected to this project.

RELEASE 2.14.7 - JUL 24, 2017

    Bug fixes:

      We're bringing you another more reliable version of our Sketch plugin for uploading designs.

    • Layers should be synced correctly even when they contain Overrides from older versions of Sketch.
    • Symbols are now synced more reliably. We will continue to improve this feature in upcoming updates soon.
    • We fixed focus in login modal inputs #1530.
    • We fixed Github issues #1522, #1538 and #1531.

RELEASE 2.14.6 - JUL 12, 2017

    New Features:

  • Now you can scale your design at xxxhdpi and also export vectors shapes at xxxhdpi (parallel for @4x) for Android projects.

    Bug fixes:

  • Some Sketch designs might have frozen your Sketch app during upload. This should be fixed now.
  • We're now displaying Sketch files even when they contain corrupted layers.
  • We've fixed a minor Avocode app UI problems in certain environments (GH 1490).
  • Symbols should be now syncing correctly so you can always open them once your Sketch file is synced.
  • We fixed Github #1509, #1514, #1495, and #1511.

RELEASE 2.14.5 - JULY 4, 2017


      We have improved the UX for uploading a large amount of Sketch Artboards:

    • We automatically sync all nested symbols that are contained in artboards.
    • The total number of uploading designs now doesn’t include symbols.
    • There is only one sound notification for all artboards from a Sketch file.

      We fixed the installation of Sketch plugin and its updates:

    • Syncing from Sketch app to Avocode should work for everyone #1496.
    • Latest Sketch plugin can be manually reinstalled from Help menu.

    Bug fixes:

  • We fixed couple of UX problems and Github issues #1498, #1484 and #1500.

RELEASE 2.14.4 - JUN 15, 2017

    Bug fixes:

  • We fixed minor issues which occasionally occurred while syncing a design with the new Sketch plugin. Please make sure to check out this article, which explains its full functionality.
  • The installation of the desktop app for Debian-like Linux distributions should work now without any problems.

RELEASE 2.14.3 - JUN 15, 2017

    New and faster Sketch plugin (43.0.0):

  • We're introducing a whole new Sketch plugin for uploading designs.
  • It is bundled with the Avocode app, and it will be installed automatically with it.
  • It doesn't freeze your Sketch app during design upload.
  • You can now sync artboards via a simple shortcut. Either CMD+E to upload selected artboards, or CMD+ALT+E to upload all artboards within the Sketch file.
  • If you want, you can still download the DEPRECATED old version of the plugin. However, the Avocode app update for macOS (2.14.3 and later) will overwrite the old plugin.

    New features:

  • There is a new subtle sound for a successful design upload.
  • We added a new onboarding modal, so you always know how to add a new Sketch or Photoshop design.

    Bug fixes:

  • We have fixed a couple of minor UI bugs and Github issues #1455, #1333, #859, #960.

RELEASE 2.14.2 - JUN 1, 2017

    New features:

  • We added font-weight property for Sketch designs in Styles panel


  • You can now view RECENTLY OPENED designs in an open project in the Project Manager. If you didn't open any designs in a project yet, no designs will appear in this view. However, you can still upload designs directly in this view. Note that the RECENTLY OPENED projects and designs sync only locally per user, not for the entire team.

    Bug fixes:

  • We fixed a few minor bugs from Sentry.

RELEASE 2.14.1 - MAY 22, 2017

    Avocode App goes green:

  • It's not just because we love avocados… We've unified our colors and changed our main color to be green (but not just any green: #00BC87). You might have seen it on our website and across our communication channels recently, and now we're bringing it to the app. We hope the new fresh look of our interface will help you navigate faster around the app.

    Bug fixes:

  • There was an annoying error during design opening in the previous version. Sorry about that, it's now fixed.
  • We've also got rid of a 404 error that would pop up when clicking on “PROJECT DESIGNS” in an opened project in the Project Manager.

RELEASE 2.14 - MAY 17, 2017

    Introducing Comment Mode:

  • We have created a special interface for your design conversations. This resulted in a UI change of the Inspect Mode. The toolbar has been moved to the left side and instead you can switch either between INSPECT or COMMENT modes.
  • If you wish to go directly to Comment Mode, click on the little comment icon on the design preview tile of any design in the Project Manager.
  • The Comment Mode introduces a few new things: While the design Annotations work the way you're used to, they are now also listed in a new sidebar. When you click on any Annotation in the list, it will be automatically opened on the canvas.
  • Finally you can also have a discussion about the entire design thanks to General Comments. Learn more about Comment Mode.


  • A bit of new vocabulary: Revisions were renamed to Versions. Notes were renamed to Annotations and we also added General Comments.
  • When you delete the last remaining annotation in a thread, the thread frame will be deleted too (including the pin or area mark on the design canvas).
  • When you're copying a Base64 image you can now see the length of the Base64 string in the notification in the top right corner. Thanks our community member @alexandrudoda for the idea.
  • The dropdown in app notifications now show you only the notifications from the team in which you're currently logged in. That goes also for the icon counter badge. The counter will disappear, when you log out.
  • Symbols and Smart Objects are always opened in a new tab as a separate design.

    Bug fixes:

  • The canvas doesn't move or shake when you hide sidebars (shortcut: press TAB key)
  • Links from Sketch unsupported overlays lead to the new Helpcenter.

RELEASE 2.13.6 - APR 19, 2017

    New features:

  • If you're in the Business or Enterprise plan, you're lucky! You can now connect any project in Avocode to any dedicated Slack channel. Anyone with access to this #channel will immediately know about new uploaded designs, design versions and comments. Learn more.
  • Easily come back to what you've been working on earlier. There is a new tab in the Avocode Project Manager in the top left corner to show you all recently opened designs. Just to make this clear, the Recently Opened Designs work for each user locally and are not synced across your team.
  • Your Personal Settings are now part of the Avocode app. Just click on your avatar in the top left corner and feel free to change your name, password or manage your personal e-mail notifications.
    NOTE: For the time being, you can still find your Personal Settings in the old Manager.
  • Notifications are now stored locally so they won’t disappear once you close your Avocode application. Not only that, the notifications are now real-time.


  • Your experience while opening a design in Avocode should be more pleasant. The loading overlay is now transparent, so you can see and access the tab bar at all the time.

    Bug fixes:

  • We polished the styles showing in the Styles panel. Please let us know if you have any troubles with the precision of our styles or the code you see in Avocode at team@avocode.com. Thanks.

RELEASE 2.13.5 - APR 11, 2017

RELEASE 2.13.4 - APR 10, 2017


  • Now, you don't have to optimize JPEGs exported from Avocode with external services. Every exported JPEG is compressed to save around 50% of its normal size.

RELEASE 2.13.3 - APR 5, 2017


  • If you notice that switching between designs, Project Manager and the Design View is significantly faster, it's not a coincidence. We have polished our code base integration with the Electron framework and the app is now running like clockwork.

    Minor bug fixes:

  • We squashed a minor bug #1332 which appeared during design upload.

RELEASE 2.13.2 - MAR 29, 2017

    Minor bug fixes:

  • Photoshop design upload by drag & dropping them in the app should work just fine (even with multiple tabs open). 😉
  • We fixed our repository URL, so you can finally update Avocode on Linux just like you would with any other app.
  • Now you should be able to export SVGs without any problems.

RELEASE 2.13.1 - MAR 29, 2017

    Minor bug fixes:

  • Uploading Photoshop designs by drag & dropping them in the Project Manager (on the project tile) and in the Design View should work just fine.

RELEASE 2.13.0 - MAR 16, 2017


  • Avocode is now in APT repository, which means you can update it exactly as you would update any other app on Linux Ubuntu or other Debian-like distribution.
  • Ask for help and advices via our new in-app chat directly from the Project Manager. Our customer support agents are looking forward to chatting with you.
  • The new in-app notifications are now clickable and scrollable so you can go back in time.
  • The header bar in the app is now unified and polished.
  • Search designs while you're inspecting. Just hit CMD/CTRL+F or click on the magnifier icon in the top right corner.
  • Open recent designs by right-clicking on the icon and choose 'Open recent'.
  • Drag & drop Photoshop designs on the Avocode icon to upload them.
  • Watch design upload progress on the Avocode icon.
  • Canceling design upload shouldn't slow down your workflow now.
  • When you're uploading the design in the app, you can see the upload progress directly in redesigned dropdown notifications.
  • When you're uploading a design by drag & dropping, Avocode will ask you in which project you want to put it.
  • Export layers as WebP images.
  • Export smaller SVGs, optimized with SVGO.

    Bug fixes:

  • We fixed a few minor bugs from Sentry.
  • Guides distances are now scaled properly. Thanks Leonid Dzyhanskyi for squashing this bug!
  • Smart objects should display properly.
  • Deleting designs or projects one by one works as expected.

    Known issues:

  • Missing Application icon in the Linux.

RELEASE 2.12.6 - FEB 2, 2017

RELEASE 2.12.5 - FEB 2, 2017


  • We added a new React Native template in the code panel with default sets that you‘ll easily distinguish from CSS in JS.

    Bug fixes:

  • We fixed a few minor bugs from Sentry.
  • Variables should work as expected. When you save them, they will appear in code. When you create a variable, always beware to type in the exact value which you want to replace. For example: `var a = #333 ` wont replace like this `$a333 (original value #333333)`. Thanks Michal Landsman and Michal Černý for reports.
  • When your team is still in the free trial (no matter how extended) we‘ll show you how much time is remaining for your entire team. The trial featurests running when the first member of your team signs up. All users in your team will see this information identically in the top right corner in the Avocode Manager.
  • The modal which appears when your account has expired should be displaying correctly.

RELEASE 2.12.4 - JAN 16, 2017

    Bug fixes:

  • When you're opening a new design, it opens in a new tab. #227

RELEASE 2.12.3 - JAN 12, 2017

    Bug fixes:

  • Open team settings directly from the app and it won't crash. Whohooo!
  • The tool bar menu is enabled in the inspector and not in the manager - exactly as is should be.

RELEASE 2.12.2 - DEC 21, 2016


  • From now on, download Avocode for Mac as a DMG installator and not a plain .zip file.
  • The intersection of text layers just got way more granular. You can see all common layer styles from multiple selected layers to create smarter selectors.

    Bug fixes:

  • When you're inspecting a revision, you can hit the “Re-export assets” button and all previously exported images will be exported again (without crashing the app).
  • When you open a design during Processing the app won't crash.
  • Exporting values, units and code snippets from the code panel should work fine.
  • After switching the code language (e.g. from CSS to Swift) measurements (values and units) should work as expected.
  • Naming of exported assets in the export modal finally works fine.

RELEASE 2.12.1 - DEC 21, 2016


  • There is a new About Avocode modal. With a surprise. 😉
  • Added new "About Avocode" dialog
  • Added ability to choose between original preview size or fit to screen in the Project Manager
  • Improved upload reliability. It should handle internet connection interruptions
  • Added back the ability to copy multiple lines by dragging over the line numbers

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed exporting group layer effects #227
  • Selecting multiple layers (with SHIFT) while using Swift should work fine.
  • Hold alt key and click on any layer in the layer panel and the design view will scroll accordingly.
  • Yep, the color overlay on text display is now same as in the code output.
  • Group layer dimensions should be calculated correctly when you change scale (design pixel density).
  • Speaking of changing scale, it won't affect the Zoom value in the bottom right corner.
  • Layer angle gradients shouldn't cause any problems. #fingerscrossed
  • Hold alt key and click on any layer in the layer panel and the design view will scroll accordingly.
  • Scale and export SVGs without any interruption.
  • When you're fiddling with the font size in the Code Settings, make sure you entered a rounded number. Otherwise a validation prompt jumps at you.
  • The not very pleasant error  "Cannot open a document with no revision" works quite pleasantly.
  • Thanks everyone for helping us find out about these bugs. You're awesome!

RELEASE 2.12.0 - DEC 14, 2016


  • New Swift code template for iOS apps 
    New XML code template for Android apps 
    New CSS in JS code template for React Native apps
  • Option to set measurements: pt for iOS / dp for Android 
    Option to set colors: UIcolor for iOS / HEX8 for Android
  • Brand new code templates for CSS, Stylus, Sass, & Less
  • Finally you can choose the design pixel density (@X) 
    - Web: @1x, 2x 
    - iOS: @1x, 2x, 3x 
    - Android: ldpi (@0.75x), mdpi (@1x), hdpi (@1.5x), xhdpi (@2x), xxhdpi (@3x), xxxhdpi (@4x)
  • App Preferences were moved into a modal
  • There are new Project and Design Settings 
    - Set default platform (Web, iOS, Android for project/design) 
    - Set default path for exported images when creating a new project 
    Adjust code output according to your needs, ie. show/hide/reorder parts of code in your code panel) 
    - Sync Platform & Scale settings with your team 
    - Switch between code templates, color formats and units as much as you want
  • Read more about what's new in 2.12.0 on our blog

    Bug fixes:

  • Overall speed improvement of the in-app project manager
  • Faster and reworked sync
  • Sped up showing and hiding of layers
  • Fixed a few image/layer export bugs
  • Fixed retina scale displaying - thanks Brandon Carson!
  • Various other bugfixes

RELEASE 2.11.1 - OCT 6, 2016

    Bug fixes:

  • Opening symbols from all revisions of a design should work just fine
  • Layer bounds on clipped masks should be displayed correctly
  • Drag and dropping a design into Avocode should not cause any errors
  • Hitting sync button should not reset sort anymore

RELEASE 2.11.0 - SEP 29, 2016


  • Added Layer Styles panel - visual alternative to the Code panel
  • Added ability to choose between original preview size or fit to screen in the Project Manager
  • Improved upload reliability. It should handle internet connection interruptions
  • Added back the ability to copy multiple lines by dragging over the line numbers
  • Ability to hide toolbar in opened design
  • Ability to type in specific zoom level number
  • Read more about what's new in 2.11.0 on our blog

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed exporting group layer effects #227

RELEASE 2.10.1 - SEP 5, 2016


  • SYMBOL SUPPORT - Symbols now work the same as Smart Objects
  • Added Troubleshooting options to Help menu
  • Screenshots are now named after the design name

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug when trying to scroll to layer with alt click and various other bugfixes

RELEASE 2.10.0 - AUG 26, 2016


  • Redesigned tools in design view
  • Added breadcrumbs which open Project Manager
  • Redesigned colour palette
  • Redesigned code panel which allows you to copy whole lines or just a part of the code
  • Added Open Recent designs option to File menu
  • Ability to reorder tabs

    Bug fixes:

  • Disabled GPU rasterization flag. It causes UI problems to users having Radeon graphics card #1057#1039
  • Fixed the search issue #1060

RELEASE 2.9.1 - AUG 4, 2016

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue when renaming or removing a design

RELEASE 2.9.0 - AUG 3, 2016


  • Added Notes tool
  • Added Activity panel
  • Panels in the document view are resizable
  • Improved performance when switching between tabs
  • Updated Electron to 1.3.0
  • Persistent Immutable data structures are now used internally for user data

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue when uploading a design #944
  • Fixed the issue when using regular expressions in the Variable dialog #964
  • Fixed the issue with panels #987

RELEASE 2.8.4 - JUL 4, 2016

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue when changing the code settings #961

RELEASE 2.8.3 - JUL 4, 2016

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue when opening a design #953
  • Fixed the onboarding issue #945
  • Fixed the issue where a document closed before it was loaded #946

RELEASE 2.8.2 - JUN 27, 2016


  • Added the Pinch to Zoom functionality
  • Enabled GPU rasterization flag
  • Prevent logged-out users from syncing designs
  • Added the tooltip to tab item with information about the organization and project

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue with the hand tool getting stuck
  • Fixed the issue where the vertical rule scale labels were blurred
  • Fixed the issue where a document closed before it was loaded
  • Removed the loading icon from icon sets that caused CPU usage around 10% when animating
  • Fixed the issue of the cascading UI action
  • Fixed the bug where the download was stuck, even after it finished syncing

RELEASE 2.8.1 - JUN 16, 2016

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue that caused the design to be uploaded twice #933#928
  • Fixed the login issue #929
  • Partially fixed the Windows issue regarding loading large designs #927#916#915. You can now download Avocode x64 version for Windows.
  • Fixed the "Open in Avocode" feature #924
  • Fixed the long export path issue #918
  • Fixed the context menu issue #912
  • Fixed the layer selection issue #913

RELEASE 2.8.0 - JUN 15, 2016

    New export modal:

  • Completely new UI
  • Export vectors in 2x, 3x
  • Improved SVG export
  • Preview of an exported image

    New slice tool:

  • Resize support
  • Move support
  • Support of exporting multiple slices
  • Slice can be created from a layer bounds

    Technical stuff:

  • Tons of bug fixes
  • Sync artboards separately
  • Updated to latest version of Electron
  • Windows auto-update support
  • UI rewritten to React.js

RELEASE 2.7.0 - MAR 9, 2016

    New Sketch plugin:

  • Completely new UI design
  • Sync artboards separately
  • Assign to project in the plugin
  • Added a detailed progress bar

RELEASE 2.6.0 - FEB 18, 2016

    Version control:

  • Preview and open older revisions in the Avocode app


  • URLs are now clickable in the notes section

    Slack integration:

  • Completely new design
  • Click to open on Web or in the app
  • Added thumbnail of a design in Slack

    Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed clipping mask issue #253

RELEASE 2.5.3 - FEB 6, 2016

    Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Gzip exception #447
  • Fixed notification about a new design exception #697
  • Fixed application saving state issue
  • Fixed Preview modal offline state issue
  • Limit preview downloads only to synced revisions

RELEASE 2.5.2 - JAN 26, 2016

    New project manager in the Avocode app:

  • Completely new UI design
  • Added quick preview
  • Added search
  • Better switching between teams

    Bug Fixes:

  • Deleting Sketch Artboards and Pages separately is fixed #506
  • Fixed windows installer failing issue #521
  • Fixed OS X Gatekeeper issues
  • More bug fixes –  #353, #528, #547

RELEASE 2.4.5 - NOV 12, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • Fixed problem with OS X auto-updating

RELEASE 2.4.4 (beta) - NOV 9, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • Fixed kernel_task memory usage problem #370
  • Fixed problem with slice tool #419
  • Fixed problem with Bourbon template #424
  • Fixed problem when uploading designs from network drive #441
  • Fixed problem with expired user token #504

RELEASE 2.4.3 - SEP 23, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • Fixed problem when saving SVG #450
  • Fixed problem with select tool, measure tool and slice tool #451
  • Fixed problem when uploading a design #448, #443
  • Reduced application size
  • Improved UX for color picker

RELEASE 2.4.2 - AUG 19, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • You can see and change export path in the quick export dialog
  • You can now remove single color (#130)
  • Nicer sketch design overlay with extension installation guide
  • Fix code panel flashing when moving guides

RELEASE 2.4.1 - AUG 6, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • HOTFIX: fixed issues with first time login

RELEASE 2.4.0 - AUG 5, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • You can set line-height unit independently
  • Includes option for line-height without units
  • Guides has been improved a lot
  • Improved guide performance
  • Fixed guides sometime disappearing in the middle of document
  • New update notification window on all platforms
  • Proxy can be set in settings persistently
  • Fixed exporting Photoshop layers inside hidden groups with effect
  • Improved bug reporting window
  • Fixed font-weight and other text properties missing in Code
  • More precise layers selection with select tool
  • Export dialog will close after clicking elsewhere, preventing many issues
  • Better Image path prefix description

RELEASE 2.3.2 - JUL 10, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • Fixed problem with code panel for Sass (#341)
  • Fixed problem that sometimes caused inaccurate selection of layers
  • Fixed some issues in user onboarding

RELEASE 2.3.0 - JUL 8, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • Settings options for selecting mixin libraries (based on suggestion)
  • Sass: Compass, Bourbon or none
  • Less: Less Hat or none
  • Stylus: nib library or plain Stylus
  • Upload PSD limit raised to 500 MB
  • Bigger layer preview
  • Copy text feature in layer preview
  • Improved tool palette with tool names and shortcuts
  • XML declaration added to SVG output
  • Export dialog can be cancelled by pressing Escape or clicking outside of the dialog
  • Fixed problem with creating a screenshot (#300)
  • Fixed revision number sometimes being incorrect

RELEASE 2.2.1 - JUN 18, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • Fixed proxy support for adding PSDs
  • Fixed order of Sketch pages
  • Fixed several update checking issues
  • Fixed bug in authorization network handling (#305)
  • Fixed instant PSD preview generation on Linux (2.2.0 regression)
  • Fixed Linux window icon
  • Performance improvements
  • Upload PSD limit raised to 500 MB
  • Fixed login/signup in IE 11

RELEASE 2.1.1 - APR 28, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • Support for em/rem units (based on UserVoice idea)
  • Inspectable About Avocode design
  • Onboarding tooltips for new users
  • Faster installation
  • Installer for Windows users
  • UI improvements
  • Fix problems with hotkeys in text fields (#131 and #282)
  • Fix some problems with Slice tool (#234 and #235)
  • Fix SVG export bugs (#215 and #226)
  • Various bug fixes (#225#231#243 and lots of other ones)
  • Project permissions (in Team Settings)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

RELEASE 2.1.0 - APR 28, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • Added a new File menu
  • Sync stability improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Slack integration
  • E-mail notifications
  • Managing e-mail notifications from Settings
  • Added “Delete team” option to Team Settings

RELEASE 2.0.0 - APR 7, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • Upload designs directly in the Avocode app
  • Added Info panel, which shows general information about opened design
  • Improved reliability of syncing and opening designs
  • Project manager improvements:
  • Creating projects
  • Sketch designs are displayed as folders
  • Added Login and Registration process directly to the app
  • Simpler and more flexible pricing
  • Avocode is now much cheaper for individuals
  • Design Detail:
  • Annotate, Comment and discuss designs
  • Visually compare revisions
  • Project detail:
  • Designs are displayed in a grid view
  • Sketch artboards and pages are displayed as folders which you can browse
  • Improved login and registration process
  • Drag and Drop upload improvements
  • Added credit system
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements, as usual

RELEASE 1.1.1 - FEB 20, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • Added the slice tool
  • Improved the code panel
  • Improved design loading
  • Canvas optimizations
  • Performance optimizations for the Export panel
  • Guide manipulation using the keyboard
  • Better offline handling
  • More precise color picking on Retina displays
  • Variables are now project-wide
  • New Keyboard shortcuts have been added
  • Added Dropbox upload
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

RELEASE 1.0.1 - JAN 29, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • Added retina support for guides
  • Added support for line-height
  • Better UX for guides
  • Fixed blurry selection tool UI for retina displays
  • Fixed SVG text export
  • Fixed bug with UI zooming
  • Fixes for variables panel
  • Fixes for code templates
  • Completely rewritten UI to better show the sync progress
  • Stability and speed improvements for large documents
  • Stability improvements
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Organization profiles – you can now rename and delete your organizations
  • Added the possibility of leaving project

RELEASE 1.0 - JAN 21, 2015

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • Completely refined UI
  • Retina support
  • Autoprefixer
  • Guides and rulers
  • Refined Color picker
  • Variables panel — you can define color variable or a replace which will modify the code output
  • New keyboard shortcuts:
  • CMDCTRL + R – Toggle guides/rulers
  • Assign synced PSDs to projects
  • Generate public link for synced PSDs
  • New user interface
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue when the plugin would get stuck exporting smart objects
  • Tons of bug fixes and improvements — like… literally. Tons.
  • Design upload in Manager - without Photoshop extension (including assigning to project and adding design revisions)
  • Invite and remove members to a project
  • Create an organization
  • Invite and remove members to an organization
  • Public Link Preview
  • E-mail Notifications
  • Notifications
  • Change name

RELEASE 0.8 - NOV 10, 2014

  • EXPERIMENTAL: Sketch support — the plugin may crash sometimes, mostly with larger documents. We are currently working on improving this feature for the next release
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

RELEASE 0.7.1 - OCT 16, 2014

  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Linux Version
  • Code settings
  • New keyboard shortcuts:
  • CMD / CTRL + SHIFT + C – Copy CSS

RELEASE 0.7 - OCT 9, 2014

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • This major release makes Avocode available on Windows and Linux.
  • Windows Version
  • Linux Version
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Smart Objects Support
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
  • New keyboard shortcuts:
  • Hold Spacebar for hand tool
  • Windows Version
  • Bug fixes
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

RELEASE 0.6 - OCT 2, 2014

    Avocode Desktop App:

  • This major release includes update for the Avocode desktop app, update for the Avocode PS Plugin and release of the new Avocode Manager. This release makes managing and sharing synced designs much more easier.

    IMPORTANT: With this new release you will have to re-sync all of your previous designs. If you encounter any problems please contact us
  • Added tabs
  • Added Project manager
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Auto-update
  • New keyboard shortcuts:
  • CMD + N – New Tab
  • CMD + , – Toggle Settings
  • CMD + C – Copy Text
  • Assign synced PSDs to projects
  • Generate public link for synced PSDs
  • New user interface
  • Bug fixes
  • Assign synced PSDs to projects
  • Generate public link for synced PSDs
  • New user interface
  • Bug fixes
  • Create, delete and edit a project
  • Preview and delete designs in the project
  • Invite and remove members to a project
  • Create an organization
  • Invite and remove members to an organization
  • Public Link Preview
  • E-mail Notifications
  • Notifications
  • Change name

RELEASE 0.5 - AUG 25, 2014

  • SCSS, SASS and Stylus added to code export
  • Selection by drag
  • Improved export panel UX
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
  • CMD + P – Snapshot of the current document
  • CMD + L – Lock measure guides

RELEASE 0.4 - JUL 22, 2014

  • EXPERIMENTAL: You can now export vector layers as SVG files.
  • Better support of font related properties – underline, uppercase, small caps, line through. IMPORTANT: The internal Avocode format of documents was changed. You will need to update Avocode PS plugin and re-sync your designs for these functions to work properly.
  • Bug fixes, UI improvements

RELEASE 0.3 - JUL 4, 2014

  • Context menu on right-click.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Most of them are inspired by Photoshop and Sketch so you should be familiar with them.
  • V – Select tool
  • I – Color Picker
  • H – Hand tool
  • R – Measure tool
  • CMD + 1 – zoom 1:1
  • CMD +  – zoom out
  • CMD + S or CMD + SHIFT + ALT + S – exports selected layer(s)
  • Double clicking a layer in Layers panel scrolls the view to show that layer
  • UI changes – Layers are on the left in a separate panel
  • Bug fixes, copy changes

RELEASE 0.2 - JUN 20, 2014

  • Photoshop Plugin – You can now import your own PSD files into Avocode using our Photoshop Plugin
  • Asset Library – We have improved the export of images and colors. You can now export multiple layers into separate files and see all of them in one place. See this image to learn more about our new image export.
  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixes

RELEASE 0.1 - JUN 4, 2014

  • Mac version of Avocode
  • CSS and Less Export
  • Assets Export
  • Measure Tool
  • Color Picker
  • Font Styles and Text export