The Grit Volume III.


Get actionable tips and learn from this collection of exclusive interviews with the top leaders in the design and dev space.

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The Grit Volume III.

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What can you learn from this e-book?

Wikipedia defines “grit” a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual's perseverance of effort combined with the passion for a particular long-term goal or end state.

Well, we couldn’t say it better than Wikipedia, but we would add, that The Grit is one-of-a-kind series of interviews with people who are responsible for designing the world of tomorrow.

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Emanuel Sá, Chief Design Officer and Co-founder of Sketch

The Volume 3 features some of the greatest design/dev space leaders of our time:

  1. Teresa Man
    Lead Designer at Superhuman

  2. Emanuel Sá
    Chief Design Officer and Co-founder of Sketch

  3. Stefan Sagmeister
    Founder of Sagmeister Inc.

  4. Chris Messina
    Product designer and #hashtag inventor

  5. Alex Muench
    Product Designer at Doist

  6. Chetana Deorah
    Product Design Director at Coursera

  7. David Hoang
    Director of Design at Webflow

  8. Brian Lovin
    Product Designer at GitHub

  9. Gabriel Valdivia
    Design Director at CNN

  10. Rania Svoronou
    Design Director at IBM iX

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