2020 Design Predictions


Curious about what to look out for in 2020 to stay relevant in the design space? We asked 8 designers we look up to.

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2020 Design Predictions

Tips from design leaders working at:


What can you learn from this e-book?

Are you searching for advice or inspiration about how to stay relevant in the design industry in 2020? Are you ready for the coming changes?

We were in the same situation. Instead of brainstorming about the future ourselves, we reached out to design thought leaders we personally admire. This e-book is an overview of what they think you shouldn’t miss this year.

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Jane Davis, Head of UX Research at Zapier

Get personal insight on how will digital design transform in 2020 from top talent

  1. Stefan Sagmeister
    New York-based graphic designer, storyteller, and typographer

  2. Jan Vu Nam
    Head of Design at Avocode

  3. Mike Creative Mints
    Designer and illustrator with 17 years of experience

  4. Gleb Kuznetsov
    Founder and Director of Product Design

  5. Adam Ho
    A designer based in New York, worked at Airbnb, Zendesk, and Pencils of Promise

  6. Jane Davis
    Head of UX Research at Zapier

  7. Teresa Man
    Lead Designer at Superhuman

  8. Noah Stokes
    Creative Director at Brave Care

  9. Ivy Mukherjee
    Senior Designer at GRAB

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