2x faster design coding


How Avocode transformed Eastside Co coding workflow & saved them the worry of accidentally moving design elements.

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2x faster design coding

What can you learn from this case study?

We sat down with Emily York (Senior Front-End Developer at Eastside Co) to better understand their internal workflow and to dig into where Avocode delivers the most value.

Eastside Co is an international web design and marketing agency, specialising in the Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms. They have designed and developed over 500 sites and have been using Avocode for the past 3 years. Their team, consisting of 50 in-house designers, developers, marketers and project managers works from their head office in Birmingham, UK, and satellite offices in Germany, New York and Dubai, out of which 18 people actively use Avocode.

Emily York, Senior Front-End Developer at Eastside Co

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Avocode is an all-in-one collaboration tool that will make your UI design & development workflow 2x faster.