What design experts say will be trending in 2019
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What design experts say will be trending in 2019

Jan Vu NamJan Vu Nam

Are you wondering how web design will change this year?

Trends in web design are constantly changing, and that means you as a designer need to change your approach as well. At best, don’t just follow the current ones but try to reinvent your style. This way you have high hopes to become a trend-setter yourself.

Take a look at the summary of our latest Question of the day where many design professionals shared their thoughts and predictions for 2019. You definitely want to stick around for this one.

Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion!

Riley Jones, Freelance Designer

James Butler, Senior Designer at Booking.com

Ales Nesetril, Creative Director at STRV

David Notté, Senior Designer at Booking.com

Fajar Siddiq, Owner & Founder at Creative Digital Agency Euphorya

Jessica Lovegood, Senior UX Designer at Barclays

Laurel Natale, UX Strategist at Brownstein_Grp

Abbey Fitzgerald, UX Software Engineer and Digital Design Expert

Karanukar Rayker, UX Designer

Rodolpho Henrique, Senior Designer at McKinsey

Oksana Ivanova, UX Designer

Marko Aleksic, Product Designer at Jatheon

Ivo Ruijters, Owner and UX Designer at Around Seven

Sel Villadarez, UX/UI Designer

Sabrina Tizaoui, UX/UI Designer

Yashu Mittal, Founder & CEO of Codecarrotnet

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Over to you

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