Sunsetting Avocode. Free version of Inspect is out.
Product Update

Sunsetting Avocode. Free version of Inspect is out.

Vu Hoang AnhVu Hoang Anh

The Avocode product, as you know it today, is going away at the end of 2022. We’re doubling down our focus on pursuing our mission to unlock design for everyone.

Ceros, a no-code content creation platform for interactive design, acquired Avocode in October 2021. Not only do we share the same mission with Ceros, but our company values and culture are almost identical. That’s why we’re confident we can create new revolutionary products for the community while offering a smooth transition for our existing customers.

Read more about this change, what’s next, and our exciting free Inspect tool and a collection of Avotars NFTs.

Avocode Story

It’s not easy for us to say goodbye. Over the past several years, together with our users, we’ve transformed the design-to-code space.

When we started, there was no easy way for designers to hand-off their work to their fellow developers. Developers had no way to quickly and accurately inspect designs and extract all assets. Avocode was the first tool to solve this common problem.

But how? To offer our unique solution, we had to first create a way to unlock the design process. We needed to develop a way for everyone to access design files, no matter the design tool or operating system.

And we did it. We invented a universal design format called Octopus, a custom Monroe rendering engine, and built Avocode on top of it. Suddenly, anyone could open designs without having the right design tool or OS.

Avocode Launch, 2015

And we went even further by adding collaboration and copy editing features, versioning, and prototype viewing.

This was a massive shift in the industry, and everyone followed us. Today, handoff is not just a word but a core feature in every design tool. We pioneered this movement, and as far as we can see, Avocode alternatives still have a long way to go before they can provide their users with the same quality experience 🥺

Avocode Christmas Party, 2019

What’s next?

Avocode product will sunset at the end of 2022. But the Open Design technology that powers Avocode will live on and prosper. Together with Ceros we will create an entire ecosystem of new exciting tools.

Meet Inspect

We're excited to bring a new and free Inspect tool to the community. 🎉

Inspect tool

Inspect enables you to generate code and export design assets for free. This means existing Avocode customers will still be able to hand-off and inspect designs on preferred terms. If you're using Avocode already, you can migrate your design files from Avocode to the new Inspect tool with just a click of a button. Note, that this feature is only available in the web app, and it is not possible to move Figma design files.

How to move your files into Free Inspect

Of course, we will not stop there. We have an exciting roadmap ahead of us, but we’ll keep it secret for now. If you follow the space - you won’t miss it.

Avotars NFTs

Over the years, Avocode users formed a strong community. We want everyone to keep a piece of Avocode after its sunset date.

That's why we are happy to present Avotars: a unique collection of 5555 NFT artworks of our cute mascot Avocado.

Avotars NFTs preview


What's going to happen to my subscription?

You can still use Avocode for now. However, we will eventually cancel your account. You will receive a notice with the exact date later this year. All unused time will be refunded in full.

I want to keep using Avocode for free until its sunset. What should I do?

If you're paying for Avocode and want to continue using it for free from now on - you can use this promocode link to switch to a free plan and keep all your features.

How can I contact support?

Since we’re not actively focusing on Avocode development, we’re stopping to provide technical support. You can email us at to request a refund.

I am having a technical issue with Avocode. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to fix this for you. You can contact us for a refund instead via email.

I am interested in trying Avocode.

You can still sign up for an account with Avocode. However, we cannot guarantee the same stability and quality of the service anymore. If you're not satisfied with Avocode performance, you can contact us for a refund at

I am having issues paying for Avocode.

If for some reason you're not able to subscribe to Avocode via our checkout, we won't be able to assist you.

If you want to use Avocode after your trial expires, we recommend creating a new trial account.

I have a yearly subscription that expires in 2023. What's going to happen to my account?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use Avocode after 2022. Our finance team will reach out to you, and issue a refund for the unused prepaid period.

What will happen to my projects in Avocode at the end of the year?

You won't be able to access your Avocode account and data from January 2023. You can always download your projects before that date.

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What is Avocode?

It’s an all-in-one tool for teams that want to code and collaborate on UI design files 2x faster.