How Avocode serves Aruba as the official repository for designs during remote collaboration
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How Avocode serves Aruba as the official repository for designs during remote collaboration

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We sat down with Andrea Mancini (Head of UX/UI Design at to better understand how he manages a wide range of projects with remote people and how 80 people at Aruba use Avocode.

Hello Andrea, thank you for taking the time. To start with, can you introduce Aruba to us a bit?

Hey, of course! Well, Aruba is an Italian company. To give you a few numbers, we manage 2.7 million domains, 8.6 million email accounts, 6.7 million certified email (PEC) accounts, 130,000 physical and virtual servers, and a total of around 5.4 million customers. We've been in the business for a long time - we started already in 1994. Today, we are without a doubt a market leader in Italy for IT, data center, cloud, web hosting, email, certified email (PEC), and domain registration services.

One of Aruba data centers.

Since we develop all of our services in-house, we have a business unit dedicated solely to UX and UI development and also our own hardware and software departments.

I reckon you are mainly interested in the UX department, right? It is made of 20 designers and front-end developers. We have many offices all around Italy, so this team is distributed in Florence, Arezzo, Rome, and Bergamo. The UX team designs desktop, web, and mobile applications. Our mission is to simplify digital services. As we work for a mass-market composed of a wide range of user types, usability is key. I'm happy to say that most Italian people use some of our utilities. In other words, we can say that Aruba promotes the digitalization of Italy.

Aruba UX design team in a weekly design sync.

Wow, congratulazioni! Can you tell us a bit about which Aruba departments find Avocode most useful to deliver great usability to the Italian market?

Sure. Today, around 80 people use Avocode at Aruba. It's mostly Marketing, UX, DEV, and Product teams. It's a great tool to explain design specs, receive comments, trace the evolution of design projects, and share original files. I recommend Avocode, especially if you need to sync a lot of departments in a complex organization.

What was your biggest struggle that you had before you started using Avocode?

As I said, Aruba has many branches, so we are used to interacting in a remote way with a lot of colleagues. We also needed an official repository for Sketch and Adobe XD master files. Then one day... I found Avocode!

Avocode helps the collaboration between our designers with the versioning system. As a manager, I can reassign a task from Marco to Augusto, and I don't need to care about Sketch files. Augusto is going to download the latest revision from Avocode and start to design from where Marco stopped.

Avocode version tracking helps Aruba designers pick up where others have left off.

Avocode also enhances our collaboration with software development teams. In the past, wrong implementations happened because the developers didn't have access to original specs. They guessed color codes and fonts just by looking at images. Avocode solved this pain.

We also developed a Design System, and the original files are stored in Avocode as a backup and for reference. We have a mix of Sketch and Adobe XD prototypes and I'm glad that Avocode supports both. We sometimes need to take back from another era some old PSD files, and Avocode supports them flawlessly.

Aruba Design System?s source files are securely stored in Avocode.

Can you tell us a bit about some recent project you guys finished thanks to Avocode?

I can show you our most recent project, the Webmail Smart! This interface is designed and developed by Aruba. As a hosting and email market leader, this interface is an important part of our offer.

We started the design process three years ago. In the first stage, we asked for user feedback and benchmark competitors. We also got insights from data usage of our old webmail. With these data, we developed five User Personas. We also defined a set of UI specifications, and we finally started to design prototypes. All these steps were made in Italy, but the development team was in Paris! So we needed a tool to share the right and final interface. Avocode helped us - and not just with the remote part.

Aruba email client interface being coded with Avocode Inspect.

For the Webmail Smart, we designed over 500 screenshots and interactions. It's impossible to manage and share all this material without a specific tool.

Today the Webmail Smart is available for our 8.7 millions email users. We are now in a continuous improvement cycle, and we release new features and bugfix every month.

Webmail Smart client by Aruba was designed and developed with Avocode.

Wow, that's quite a success! Before we wrap up, do you have any personal tips or lessons learned from your business you'd like to share?

As a manager, I can give you this advice: spend part of your time continuously improving tools and workflows for your team. Sometimes you need to close chats, turn off your cellphone, and just search for a tool like Avocode. You'll never regret this time.

Thank you Andrea! We wish the whole Aruba a lot of luck on your next projects and the digitalization of Italy.

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