How we elevated the design to code workflows in 2020
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How we elevated the design to code workflows in 2020

Maks KarpovichMaks Karpovich

What a year! What a year indeed for all of us. We all had to make sacrifices in 2020. We all struggled in different ways dealing with the new reality, and the challenges 2020 threw at us. We can only hope that you, too, were able to cope, make sense of it, and come out stronger on the other side.

And how did we do at Avocode? Did we stay focused on our mission helping teams to build great digital products by making the design process inclusive for everyone? It was not always easy. But we pushed through it. We are proud of what we managed to accomplish and want to share the highlights with you!

Avocode 2020 in Numbers

  • Can you believe it’s been 5 years since we first launched Avocode? We want to thank our users for being with us all this time and helping to improve Avocode. 🎉
  • Our Product team shipped 29 new features and 39 product improvements requested by our community.
  • We have improved our design file processing performance for large files (2x), design view performance (2x), and app performance by significantly decreasing its CPU usage.
  • Our API uptime and processing uptime were at 99.99%.
  • We redesigned our website, improved the menu for easy navigation, added lots of playful illustrations and screencasts showcasing Avocode, and received almost 1 million unique visitors.
  • Our Marketing team released 30 articles featuring inspiring stories, best practices, & community news.
  • We published 6 helpful ebooks full of tips, data, and useful insights designers and developers would undoubtedly love.
  • We successfully launched The Grit 2 and Avocode Write on Product Hunt.
  • Our Customer Success team answered over 14,000 of your questions and comments, with a 94% satisfaction rate.
  • Last but not least. We developed new and cemented existing partnerships with Ceros, Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch. They've been tremendously great partners, we really enjoyed working with them. Cheers! and thank you for your help!

Top 6 Releases in 2020

Open Design APIOpen Design API

It is hard to underestimate the value of the technology behind Avocode. We always knew its enormous potential. But year, we are excited and proud to launch Open Design API.

Open Design API

👉🏽 How Ceros launched Sketch, Photoshop, & Illustrator import thanks to the Open Design API by Avocode

As developers in the design space ourselves, we understand the struggle of accessing data from design files.

  • Even a simple square has a very different code representation in Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD file formats.
  • To work with each format, devs need to study new APIs, write new parsers, and maintain them against constantly evolving design tools - which is a costly activity that also defocuses product teams from building user-centric products.
  • Design teams in larger organizations work with different design tools, and design systems cannot be auto-synced due to incompatibility issues.

We’re here to change that. We’re here to open design formats with one readable and well-documented format, one API that runs in the cloud and can also work in the private cloud for an extra layer of security.

With the Open Design API, developers can easily access design data and use it to sync design systems, different file versions, enable the import of design files into their product, and much more.

Would you like to solve some of your internal design workflows with our API? Let us know.

Avocode Tools

The multiartboard design rendering in the browser enables us to build various features on top of it - to support workflows like copywriting, user flows, or better design review.

WriteAvocode Write Beta

Good copy is essential to driving engagement and conversions. So we’re happy to built Avocode Write, our new tool for crafting and editing copy online directly from Adobe XD, Sketch & Figma files.

Upload your design, click on text in any artboard, and start rewriting it. Avocode Write will count your characters & indicate if the new copy is not overlapping text layer bounds.

Every copy iteration is recorded on a timeline so you can pick the best one during the final review and pull the text changes back to the design file.

We hope you will enjoy using Avocode Write to run more copy experiments in 2021 and grow your business.

FlowAvocode Flow Beta

It is essential to understand the logic among various screens in your new app or website. The same goes for presenting, coding, and testing its functionality. Avocode Flow solves this problem.

Finally, you can easily create & share screen flows from Adobe XD, Figma & Sketch design files and play them on both desktop and mobile devices. Simply sync your design, edit screen connections, create new ones, and click through the flow.

Now everyone on your team will understand the user flow and have the opportunity to provide feedback and discover potential UX fails early in the process. So you can save valuable time to focus on making your product better.

CommentAvocode Comment Beta

We redesigned the way commenting works in Avocode. Based on our users’ feedback, we have been working hard on bringing you this new feature.

Avocode Comment

With Avocode Comment, you can comment and review UX changes on multiple artboards from one view, filter and preview the most relevant comments, and get notifications when someone mentions your name.

We hope it will help you to explain your design thinking & share feedback in a seamless way.

CloudPrivate Cloud & SSO

At Avocode, we are driven by two fundamental principles in our approach to security: transparency and defense-in-depth. This year we made significant strides to bolster the safety of our users and their data.

That’s why apart from being compliant with the most notable industry-standard certifications, like SOC 2, we took an extra step to establish trust with our Enterprise customers and added an extra layer to our defenses - Avocode Private Cloud.

Private Cloud & SSO

Avocode Private Cloud provides isolation at the infrastructure level as opposed to just the application level, thus eliminating entire classes of security issues like cross-tenant privilege escalation, so your most sensitive data can be safe with us.

And you can further secure your teams by requiring users to authenticate with Single Sign-On (SSO).

Custom AvatarsCustom Avatars

Avocode is a collaboration platform. So for this holiday season, we prepared a little gift 🎁 for you! You can now make your Avocode team even more personal by setting your own custom avatar or selecting one from our gallery of cute Avocode characters.

And the good news is - you don't have to worry about the file size of your custom image or its format. Just pick a photo or image you love, and Avocode will do the rest. Go to your profile settings to add your avatar.

Remote work & new teammates

We stayed focused. This year a number of new talented people joined our team. We created new meeting spaces and started ordering healthier snacks for our kitchen. Yet, overnight, we found ourselves working remotely and connecting via Zoom calls. And it worked!

Avocode Home Office

We were lucky to go into this new work mode without any issues. Sure, we still miss seeing one another in the office, but we make it work by having an occasional virtual drink or playing an online game together during lunchtime. Turns out, one can even stay in shape, challenging your teammates to do a set of push-up every day at 11 am.

What’s next?

It was a challenging year, but we also learned a lot on the way. And we won’t stop making Avocode even better in 2021, so you can build your products faster and grow your business.

To see what’s next feature-wise, keep checking our product roadmap. But, to give you a little sneak-peek about the Open Design API:

  • We will be adding rendering endpoints to the API to enable developers to preview sharp designs and export assets at scale.
  • We will be improving design file format support, especially for Figma and Adobe XD.
  • We will be releasing more design file converters, starting with Figma to Sketch.

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Cheers to the new year and all the great things to come! 🥳

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