Save time
working with design files

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Handoff Designs

Just send a link
and let others take 
it from there


Cynthia Lynn Cooper

UX Designer at Healthy Hottie

"The Avocode team consistently delivers above expectations. On top of that, their hand-off tools are the best I’ve found."

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Export layer styles to code

Inspect Designs

Copy-paste code 
& specs and export
any asset


Kevin Bell

UX Developer at Techmates Group

"With Avocode, our devs can easily access all elements within design source files without forcing designers to prepare layers in Sketch."

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Collaborate on Designs

Review and discuss changes in one place


Igor Masliansky

Front-End Team Leader at Ubimo

"Avocode serves as the main hub for designs of 3 teams at our company. When anyone needs to access a design - it’s in Avocode."

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Test Coded Designs

pixel perfect development


Jeremy Randall

Frontend Engineer at Symphony

"Avocode is essential for our distributed team. Without it, reaching pixel perfection development would be impossible."

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"Avocode saves us a huge amount of time. It's helping us achieve the most pixel perfect & fast websites, thanks to full control over asset export."

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Creating UI design takes time and effort, so get the most out of your design by handing off screens at the right time to the right people.

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