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into code

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Ship pixel perfect
websites & apps 2x faster

Import any
design format

Import Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop & Illustrator designs to generate and customize code snippets, export assets, measure sizes & distances.

Works on macOS, Windows, Linux & in your browser.

Get CSS, iOS Swift,
& Android code

Switch between CSS (including Less, Sass, Stylus), Swift (for iOS), XML (for Android), or React Native.

You can customize the code output, hide and reorder its properties and import or create variables.

Export all assets in the right resolution

Click on any layer or slice a piece of your design, and export assets in PNG, JPEG, SVG & WEBP.

You can set a custom export scale and path & optimize exported images for the web.

Code all measurements correctly

Get dimensions of any layer and its distances from other layers (or selections of layers)

- in px, pt (iOS), dp (Android), or percentages (pct).

pixel perfect development

Place your design on top of the coded layout to visually compare styles & positions of design elements, note any differences & get a perfect match.

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"Avocode saves us a huge amount of time. It's helping us achieve the most pixel perfect & fast websites, thanks to full control over asset export."

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Start with a design,
finish with code.

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