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Avocode – preview and inspect PSD

Get CSS, SVG, image assets, fonts, colors. All without Photoshop.

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The bridge between designers and developers

Share with a link. Preview and implement designs with Avocode.

  • Always be in sync

    Share with a link and instantly get updates from your designer.
    No more e-mail attachments or huge PSD uploads.

  • Web & native app

    Preview and inspect PSDs on the web or use the native app
    on any platform - Mac, Windows or even Linux.

  • Everything from a PSD

    Choose anything from a PSD and get exactly what
    you need – CSS, SVG, images, fonts or colors…

  • Avocode in 1 minute

All about Avocode

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What is not Avocode?

We want to make this crystal clear. Avocode is not:

  • — an automated tool that magically turns design into code
  • — a design tool
  • — a tool for prototyping

What about Sketch support?

We started with the most used design format of today – PSD – but we already have a working prototype of a Sketch exporter as we would love to provide the same experience for developers regardless of designers’ software.

When is it out and how can I get it now?

We will be sending out invites to our beta gradually to make sure everything is smooth and ready for the traffic. Here is our…

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